How to Clean German Shepherd Ears – Things You Should Know

If you have a dog or any other pet, I am sure that you must be having the issue regarding the cleaning of the teeth and ears! It is quite a standard issue for everyone out there as the dogs get irritated by such activities and do not support our actions. This article is about cleaning German shepherd’s ears.

Sometimes, you may feel like your dog is becoming aggressive when it comes to clean German shepherd ears or he may bite you if you try. But dogs do not get aggressive each time; they may be afraid of this activity. So firstly, understand his behavior and then try to pamper to make him comfortable.

Method 1: Paper Towels & Cleaning Solutions

  • Use ear cleaning solution. Show it to the dog. Tell him that you are going to clean his ears with this solution. Try to act like you are cleaning his ears just to see his reactions. Make him calm before starting cleaning.
  • If it doesn’t work, be easy on him. Tap him, talk with him, and make him relax or help him to be calm. Try the activity with patience. Use some cotton tabs or some other similar but tiny cleaning things along with some paper towels.
  • You can have him sniff it first. Then put it in the ear without doing anything. Just try to rub it a bit, Maybe you can clean it! Just like this, clean the other ear also.
  • After this task, your next step would be to use the cleaning solution and put it on the paper towel. Then try again. Here, do not tell him to sniff first, because he will smell the solution and that is not a good idea!
  • You will see that he is not cooperating with you, but you should not give any reaction to that thing. You can go in there with the fingers only as dogs like it. Then you should wipe on the outside only. Just rub the paper towel outside and then make your way into the ear. So like this, you have one idea of cleaning the ears (i.e.) cleaning solution.

Method 2: Use Of Earbuds

If there is more dirt, then you can also try an earbud. Observe if he allows you to put the earbud in his ears or not. If he doesn’t want you to do the same, then again use your fingers.

  • Put your finger in his ear and then add the Q-tip to it. But, be very very careful not to damage the inside of the ear.
  • Patience plays the crucial role while cleaning German ears. Have patience and play with the earbud in there. It helps more when the dog has big ears.
  • You can also use the bud without the solution in the beginning, and after one-time cleaning, take out the earbuds and add some solution to it.

Note: It is the sure thing that the dog can smell the solution, and when you go closer, you get into trouble again. So, don’t do too much! As it is okay for your dog if you are taking help of your finger, use it again and with that, just add the earbud.

Thus, step by step, you can go through with this procedure, and eventually, you get the ear cleaned. The more often you try this way, the more he will trust you that you are not going to hurt him, and then allow you to do it efficiently.

Things To Avoid

  1. Here one thing you have to avoid is obviously – any kind of pain or harm to your dog! Don’t even hurt the dog by accident. If your dog is injured anyhow, you can take help of dog wheelchair to provide comfort in its life.
  2. If your dog’s ear is scratched, you must not go in there with a cleaning solution. The ear must be entirely healthy if you want to follow the cleaning processes.
  3. Also, just make a note that you are not required to put any cleaning solution on there. But it is preferable.

If You Have Puppies

Some of you may have puppies and there raise a question like how to clean puppy’s ears! Trust me, even though puppy has small ears, cleaning procedure is not tough.

You just have to rub on the solution at the bottom of each ear for around half a minute and then allow your puppy to shake it out. Wipe the remaining solution with the earbud or cotton or some paper towels! Isn’t it simple?

So, that’s it for cleaning up a dog’s ears. I hope you are satisfied with this information. Go and try these techniques once a week for the better health of your canine! May your dog cooperate with you and make this activity easier than before.

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