The Positives and Negatives of Installing Automatic Door for Dogs

The time a person decides to have a pet at home, he has to weigh and invest in several places. He has to make sure that his house is pet-friendly. A puppy might require toilet training and walk every day at stipulated hours. Along with that, installing dog doors at the main door is also essential. Many people have the automatic key door cut in their kitchen door or the door to the backyard. This is a great contraption and yet, it has both positives and negatives alike. Here are the pros and cons that every dog owner must have in mind before installing these doors.

Pros of having dog doors

1) Your pet gets freedom

Whether you are at home or not, a pet dog might not always wish to stay indoors. Train him or her to be out within the limits of your backyard, and it shall be enough for them. Dogs might wish to be out in the open now and then, and you might not have to be around if the dog is trained fairly. So, this is a big benefit for the dogs. The dog door shall be an easy way for them to go out or come back without disturbing you ever.

2) The house remains clean

If your dog gets the automatic key door and the toilet training right from his childhood, then he knows that the door is out for him to relieve himself. So whether you are at home or not, he needs not have to wait for you to come and take him for the walk to relieve. The dog door is essential for those who have to go out to work at odd hours. The dog will not even mess indoors.

3) Proper fencing in and training the dog for restrictions

Every pet dog must get training to be indoors at night and be safe. He should get the training for knowing where to relieve and where to play. He should have the idea that the owner would not like him to carry indoors things he gets from the backyard or the open ground. Such training shall help the pet owners in the long run.

Cons of installing dog doors

1) The potential threat to security

Homes that have big dogs and hence, large dog doors might be open to burglars and other stray animals. The burglars who spot these doors, which pet uses them regularly without alarming the owners, might also utilize the same for their entry. This can put the owners at risk.

2) Impossible for tenants to have these doors

If you are not the homeowner, certainly, there are very fewer chances of you getting these dog doors installed. The homeowners might not approve of you getting these dog doors since these doors would be permanent fixtures to their homes till they change them.

These are the positives and negatives that every pet owner must weigh before opting for installing automatic key door options that are available in the market for their homes.

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